Ride Electric: eBike Mountain Bikes vs. Regular Mountain Bikes

ride electtric red tuoteg bike

Let’s face it—mountain bikes are one of the best bike options out there. They bring stability and control, and also allow you to ride over rough terrain. So, you might be wondering, “how could a mountain bike get any better?” Well, the answer to that is you should ride electric! Come along for the ride on reasons why you should ride electric, and how electric mountain bikes are changing the game.

Pedal Past Steep Inclines

Riding on rough terrain can be harder than normal when there are lots of steep inclines. When you decide to ride electric, those steep inclines turn into a worry of the past. More help with hills also means your legs take longer to get tired. Don’t miss out on any adventure—take the hilly scenic route with no worries!

Join Electric Bike Races

Electric bikes are starting to become more popular, and more races are popping up that are geared towards electric bikes. You heard me right! And I’m not talking about dirt bike racing. The Sea Otter Classic is a large consumer bicycle festival in the United States that recently created an event for 1 pedal-assist electric mountain bikes. Electric bike are sorted into 3 different classes. It is important to know what class eBike you have before trying to take it into a race.

ride electric bike ride farther than beforeRide Farther Than Before

Typically, when you ride a mountain bike, you are going on the less-traveled path. This means rough roads, steep inclines, and most likely lots of obstacles such as trees. With an electric mountain bike such as the XPLR, you can travel farther and see places you hadn’t gotten to before. When you ride electric, rough roads don’t seem like such an obstacle. It will be like an everyday bike ride down the bike paths in your community.


As you have now seen, there are many reasons why you should ride electric. Electric mountain bikes provide new experiences and advantages you wouldn’t have otherwise. With eBikes becoming the next-big thing, you won’t want to miss out.

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