four tuoteg ebikes on hilltop's bike path

What eBike is Right For Me?

Finding the Right eBike

Shopping for an eBike can be a little intimidating—there are myriad styles and specs across a broad set of price-points—so how should you go about making a choice on which eBike to buy? Team TUOTEG put our heads together and came up with our top three considerations for choosing the eBike that’s right for you.


An ill-fitting bike leads to an unpleasant riding experience and lots of sore body parts. Before you buy, make sure the bike you’re selecting is the right size for you. On each of our models we list a recommended range of rider heights. If you fall above or below that range, it’s likely you’ll be uncomfortable while riding. Our bikes are designed to fit a very broad range of rider heights, so riders between 5’3” and 6’4” should have no problem finding a TUOTEG option.

Match Your Personality with Color and Style

Let’s not kid ourselves—sometimes color and style take priority over more functional aspects of a purchase, and that’s okay! We offer each model of TUOTEG in two color choices to provide the opportunity to match your bike to your personality.

Type of Riding – Where is your path taking you?

Terrain should likely be the primary consideration in choosing your eBike. In general, skinny tires are best suited to paved surfaces. The TUOTEG CRZR eBike, for example, has 700c x 32mm tires. These have a larger diameter and low-profile tread pattern for speed and efficiency on asphalt, concrete, and other smooth surfaces. However, if you’re like many of our customers, that smooth surface might end right outside your garage: wider tires with knobby tread patterns, like those found on our XPLR bike are more able to tackle loose media like crushed gravel or dirt. For maximum traction, CVRT and CNQR have big, fat 4” wide tires to handle the widest variety of terrain.

TUOTEG eBike Options