At TUOTEG we want to give individuals the motivation to Get Out and enjoy life beyond the boxes we find ourselves stuck inside. We accomplish this by offering eBikes that quite literally give you the power to achieve this goal. Our promise to you is delivering top tier products, personalized service, and lasting experiences in a format attainable for everyone. Whether exploring Nature or cruising the Neighborhood we hope you’ll join us on this mission and… LIVE YOUR PATH

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“My husband is an avid biker. 15 to 20 mile rides are common and he invites me along but I can’t keep up and usually decline. The step through cruiser allows me to join him on our weekend rides.  I can keep up and my legs will not get weary at mile 10.  The step through frame design is so easy to jump on, and I do not think twice about saying yes when he wants to hit the trail.”

Cindy F.

“I got to ride the Tuoteg CNQR last week. And although I’ve been riding mountain bikes since the ’80’s, it was my first time riding an electric assist fat tire bike. I wasn’t sure what to expect… but after just a few miles I have to admit, it was great. I played with the settings, trying no assist to level 5 assist and even throttle only with no pedaling. It was easy and fun, regardless of your skill level!”

Rob U.

“With winter approaching I am looking for a way to embrace the cold air and snowy conditions. I tried a fat tire bike last year and found it more work that it is worth.  Adding electric assist to a fat tire design makes winter bike riding a pleasure.  Instead of feeling like you are dragging a ton of bricks I can enjoy the ride and get some fresh air.”

John F.