#SaferOutside: eBike Riding in a Pandemic World

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Staying Safe While eBike Riding in a Pandemic

Reducing CO2 emissions, getting fresh air, alleviating stress, exercising—these are all perennial benefits of getting out and riding a bike. But COVID-19 seems to make it all the more meaningful to take a spin, whether it’s around the block or a full-day excursion. And while the ride itself is mostly the same, there are some things to remember about cycling in the time of Corona. TUOTEG has some helpful tips to share that will keep you safe while riding your electric bike in a pandemic world!


#1: Each state has different rules and regulations during COVID-19, so be sure to check your state’s protocols before riding

Some state and local governments provide designated rules that make keeping physical distance from other riders easier. This could help you avoid any issues and will adequately prepare you for what to expect when taking your electric bike out for a spin! This will ensure you ride safely—and it will keep those riding around you safe as well.

#2: It’s best to go on solo rides or bike rides only with the people you are quarantining with

Riding with others is generally safer than other group activities, however the CDC still recommends going on solo bicycle rides, or riding only with the people you quarantine with. This will help lower your chances of contracting the disease. Always remain 6ft apart from anyone you are riding past!

#3: Neck gaiters offer flexible protection while eBike Riding in a Pandemic

By now, grabbing a mask and hand sanitizer is as much of a habit as remembering your wallet and keys. As an alternative to the ear-strap-style masks, neck gaiters provide a flexible option for rides, since you can breathe freely for the more isolated parts of your journey and quickly pull it up to cover your face when you get into heavier bike traffic, or stop off for mid-ride snacks.

#4: Plan ahead and try to avoid crowded areas

Mapping out your route could be beneficial—especially during a pandemic. It’s important to stay close to home to avoid spreading illness to other locations. If you know that some trails are more popular than others, try to take the trail less traveled, or ride at times of the day that aren’t known to be busy. Getting dressed and ready to ride ahead of time will allow you to avoid milling about at crowded trailheads.

#5: Bring extra water

Most public water fountains and restrooms are closed. Make sure to pack extra water for your ride since you can’t stop to fill up. Staying hydrated is a key factor to staying healthy!

#6: A polite ‘ding’ is preferable to “on your left!”

The louder we talk, the further we can potentially hurl our water droplets. If you attach a bike bell to your eBike, you can alert other riders that you are coming up to pass them instead of yelling and misting the path.

#7: Create some space on your breaks

Be mindful of the people around you and take your breaks at least 6 feet apart. Be aware of the location you want to stop and take a break at—try to avoid overly crowded areas, intersections, or any part of a trail where people can’t pass you safely.

#8: Create some space on your rides (yes—further than 6ft apart)!

When you’re moving at faster speeds, water droplets can travel further distances. Trailing close behind someone could potentially expose you to the virus if they happen to be infected. Take caution and try to leave more than 6ft of space between you and the next rider. 6ft is the recommended space to keep your distance when you are stationary. You’ve got to keep in mind this recommendation changes when you are biking!

#9: Take it easy

It’s best to keep it chill on your rides and keep out of situations that may result in injury. Hospitals are already overwhelmed with people—do yourself a favor and don’t add to the stress.

#10: If you’re feeling sick don’t put people at risk

If you aren’t feeling well or have any symptoms, you should stay home and avoid the risk of infecting others.


#1: Avoid the gym—Stay #SaferOutside by eBike Riding in a Pandemic

Even if your state allows gyms to be open in limited capacity, heavy breathing in enclosed spaces is a recipe for transmission. Taking your ebike out for a spin will not only get you the exercise you want, but also provides better scenery than fitness equipment and TV sets.

#2: Reduce some stress and get some fresh air

The pandemic doesn’t help when it comes to stress and anxiety. Setting aside some time each day to take your eBike out for a spin can not only help relieve stress, but it gets you that fresh air you’ve been craving, too. Taking time for yourself and just enjoying what is around you will be sure to brighten your mood and create some positivity! Going for a cruise on your electric bike allows you to travel farther distances, so you can enjoy how beautiful the world really is (even during an ugly time).

#3: Avoid public transportation and try commuting by electric bike

People nowadays are avoiding public transportation the best they can. No one wants to sit in a small enclosed area with many people they don’t know. If you live in a city or fairly close to where you work, ride your eBike to work instead of taking the bus! Avoid germs AND inconsistent transportation schedules—it’s a win-win situation to ride your electric bike to work! (This also helps the environment too)!

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