Ebike Technology Puts the High Five Back in Your Love-Life

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Putting The High Five Back in Your Love-Life with Ebike Technology

Cycling is a powerful experience that should be shared and enjoyed by couples of every age. Ebike technology allows everyone to participate in the endless opportunities of cycling adventures. Cycling is the next best thing to flying without ever having to leave the ground. Bike friendly investments in trail expansion allows everyone with biking ability to soar like an eagle. So why are so many people looking on from the sidelines? Here is my experience with trying out an electric bike and finding a new hobby both me and my wife can enjoy together.

Fitness and Skill Level Can be a Barrier

Fitness level and technical skill normally stand in the way of sharing a cycling experience. Couples usually have one partner who embraces cycling and pedals around town daily. On the other hand, the other has a hard time keeping up. Maintaining a high level of fitness takes effort, which can make the cycling experience a one-way street. If the goal is to go 20-30 miles at an average of 15 mph, you have a 2-hour commitment that is almost always a singular experience. However, with owning an electric bike, it does not have to be that way. 

Ebikes Address Both Fitness and Skill Differences

Couples of every age face the challenge of leaving your significant other behind during the riding season. Last year I invested in a road bike with a carbon fiber frame and all the best components. This bike is slippery fast and provides a mechanical advantage needed for longer rides. My wife Cindy prefers a heavier Ebike with wider tires leaving her exhausted and pulling up the rear when we ride. On a recent trip to Arizona, we rented a step-through frame Ebike so we could check out the Lake Mary trail in Flagstaff together. This route had everything a nice ride can offer. There was great scenery, short climbs up rolling hills, and you could just close your eyes and imagine what the gateway to the Grand Canyon might look like. The step-through electric bike leveled the fitness playing field and its ease of operation gave my wife confidence to hit the trail and enjoy this shared experience. When the wind or a climb hit us, the pedal assist feature on the TUOTEG put her in the lead. Meanwhile, I was huffing and puffing just trying to keep up!

What the Shared Cycling Experience Means

We enjoyed our time together on the trail so much that I ended up ordering a TUOTEG CRZR that has the same step-through frame as the bike we rented in Arizona as soon as we got back to Minnesota. When spring returns, we will be ready to jump on the trail together.  Here are a few things to know about the shared cycling experience:

  • Nobody gets left behind with an Ebike!
  • Knowing you can keep up the pace is empowering.
  • Cycling is the best way to explore a new town or the countryside.
  • Enjoy a beverage on the trail, grab lunch, or check out fun stops that you wouldn’t find in a car.
  • Always “Bro Down” (after a ride discuss what you saw, and what was cool along the way).

Your partner may not jump at the chance to hit the trail every day, but knowing that the electric bike is in your garage gives everyone an opportunity to get out and enjoy the ride. Investing in Ebike technology makes it possible to cycle together by eliminating the fitness/skill challenge. Sharing is caring! For a small investment, anyone can participate in and enjoy all the cool stuff that keeps avid riders coming back. Cycling used to be an exclusive club for us, but that is no longer the case! Ebike technology combined with a comfortable low bar frame design opens a whole new world to the overlooked spouse who was stuck at home all these years. 

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