Get Mental Health Benefits from the Electric Bicycle

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Commuting by the Electric Bicycle  

White Tuoteg Bike Commuting by the electric bicycle Cycling for Mental Health

Saving money on gas, reducing your carbon footprint, and getting exercise are great benefits of the electric bicycle. Additionally, riding an ebike such as the CRZR is great for your brain too. You can trade in the gas-brake-honk, gas-brake-honk routine for a casual pedal to the office. For those of us in the trades, such as manufacturing and similar sectors, remote work is not an option. Consequently, the prospect of a traffic-filled commute to work can be dreadful and the experience can be anxiety-inducing. People who choose the electric bicycle as their primary form of transportation look forward to their commute rather than dreading it. This can lead to feeling refreshed and invigorated when arriving to work. Who wouldn’t want that?

Wide-Open Spaces

TUOTEG sprouted out of a simple idea to get folks outside. We spend a lot of time in offices, in our homes, in cars, at the store, and at the dentist. Half of us live in urban centers. We shed a lot of emotional baggage when we leave those confined spaces behind and pedal around a bit.

Being in nature helps improve our moods and reduce our anxiety. For instance, when’s the last time you stared up at the sky and got super-mad about it? The smells and sounds tickle our senses in myriad ways, while indoors, HVAC systems and white noise generators just dull them. The electric bicycle is the perfect way to get outdoors.

This time outside also improves your cognition; you even think better outside.

Bicycling for mental health tuoteg the electric bicycleMind-Body Connection

Our survival skills—fight, flight, or freeze—are the instincts housed in the most reptilian parts of our cerebral cortex. The type of instincts that say to us, “I smell saber-tooth tiger; better run fast.” Many of us have been in survival mode recently due to the pandemic. We have been focusing on keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. And in turn, we’ve been worried about our financial security, and our employment. Fear, anxiety, panic, stress are all byproducts of living in survival mode.

You’ve got to work your way back from survival to mindfulness in steps. A good halfway point is the repetitive motion of exercise. In the same way babies like to be rocked to sleep, our minds are calmed and comforted by repeated motions. Spinning the cranks of the electric bicycle has stabilizing effects—the legs find a nice, even rhythm.  And as your heart rate increases, you develop a pattern in your breathing. This soothing combination relaxes your brain and promotes new patterns of thought.  That mind-body connection leads to a much sunnier disposition after a ride on the electric bicycle.

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