What the heck is an LCD Display?

electric assist on CVRT Blue cockpit

If you have an electric bike or are looking into one, you probably know the LCD display is important. But for those of you out there looking into buying an ebike for the first time, you may not know what an LCD display is. Well, we’re here to explain it to you! Hint—it helps control your electric assist.

Where is the LCD Display?

On our TUOTEG ebikes, the LCD display is found on the left-hand side of your handlebar. It serves as the on/off switch for the electric assist system. This basically means it turns your bike from a normal bike into an electric bike!

What Does it Do?

electric assist on Red XPLR cockpit

The LCD display shows you three things. First, how fast the ebike is going. Electric bikes can go up to 20 MPH. Knowing how fast you are going can help you to calculate how long it will take you to get places. Next, the LCD display shows how much battery charge is left. This is extremely important so you don’t get stranded out on a long bike ride. If you see your battery level getting low, you should charge it immediately! Lastly, the LCD display shows what level of assist is currently in use. This controls the electric assist system on the bike. The electric assist—also known as pedal assist—provides electric power as you pedal.

How to Control the Electric Assist

You can control the electric assist by selecting what level of assist you would like. As you press on the “up” arrow, your level of assist will go up. This means when you pedal you will get more electric assist from the bike, pushing you faster. You can go all the way up to level 5. As you press the “down” arrow, your level of assist will go down. This means you need to pedal and reach a certain speed before the electric assist will come on and help push you forward.

Before you purchase an ebike, make sure you know your state’s rules and regulations. You can check out this website here for a start.

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