Good Foods to Eat Before and After a Ride

Good Foods to Eat Before and After a Ride

Planning for a bike ride starts with what you eat. Making sure you have enough energy to power through your ride is important! The last thing you want is to not be able to travel as far as you want due to lack of energy. So, what are some good foods to eat before and after a ride?

Before a Ride

Before going for your ride, you should eat foods with lots of carbohydrates in them. Carbs help your body to stay fueled during your workout. So, either the night before or the morning of your workout, eat foods with carbs. Some of these types of foods could be oatmeal, whole grain rice, sweet potatoes, corn, and bananas. Most times when people think of carbs, they think of grains. However, some fruit and vegetables have carbs in them, too.

Best Foods During a Ride

food during a rideIf you’re heading out for a longer ride, bringing along some snacks can help you maintain energy. Often, people overlook the need to bring snacks along for the ride. Anything light and quick to eat is ideal. Bananas and trail mix are easy snacks that will give you the energy to keep going. Another great option is an energy bar. Any type of food that has a mix of carbs and healthy fats is ideal during your ride.

After a Ride

After you’ve exerted a lot of energy, it’s important to refuel your body. Properly refueling your body allows it to gain energy back and recover faster. You also help to decrease the likelihood of injury. Foods with carbohydrates and protein in them are ideal after any type of workout. Foods such as pasta, eggs, chicken, nuts, and avocado are great examples.

Remember—even though your workout may be done, your body is still recovering. Making sure to fuel it before, during, and after will keep you healthy and energized.

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