The TUOTEG XPLR eBike: The “Just-Right” eBike!

Man Riding Tuoteg XPLR eBike

The “Just-Right” TUOTEG XPLR eBike

Sometimes I think our TUOTEG XPLR eBike is kind of like the middle child in a family! It often gets overlooked or goes unnoticed. In reality, the XPLR is the Goldilocks bike in our lineup, it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It’s not too big, and it’s not too small. In fact, it’s “just right” for every type of ride.

Where our CRZR eBike feels most at home on pavement, and our CNQR eBike provides traction on all kinds of surfaces, the XPLR can exist comfortably in both worlds. All three electric bikes share the same pedal assist system. The key differences come in wheel size and riding position.

The CRZR puts the rider in a very upright and comfortable riding position with its back-swept handlebars. This is great for low-key, pleasant pedals on the path or on pavement (I learned about alliteration in high school). The XPLR puts the rider in a slightly more aggressive position, ready for maneuvering and reacting to the trail ahead.

For the wheels and tires on the XPLR, we’ve chosen 26” diameter wheels with 2” wide tires. This is a good balance between the larger diameter and skinnier tires of the asphalt-friendly CRZR, and the ultra-fat 4” wide tires of the CNQR. The result is a balance of low rolling resistance and efficiency on the street> But, there is enough traction and control when the ride makes a transition to dirt.

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, this is a bike I would love! My ride into town usually consisted of a mix of poorly maintained asphalt and a few sections of gravel. The throttle would’ve been handy when I was sprinting away from the German Shepherd at the farm on my route. If your ride takes you on some mixed surfaces, but you’re primarily riding roads, the TUOTEG XPLR eBike might be the electric bike that’s “just right” for you.

xplr ebike red model
Woman Riding a Tuoteg XPLR Bike
XPLR Gray Ebike
Man about to ride XPLR Bike
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