How an Electric Pedal Bike Can Still Give you Exercise

electric pedal bike can still give you exercise

A lot of people are under the misconception that an electric pedal bike (also known as an ebike) is the “lazy way” to ride a bike. It is true that ebikes help to give you an electric boost when riding them. However, it isn’t true that you don’t get any exercise or that it isn’t hard work.

Pedal Assist and Long Rides

An electric pedal bike has the ability for you to pedal normally but with some assistance from the motor. Many people think that if you use the pedal-assist feature of an electric bike, you won’t get much exercise. However, most people use the pedal-assist feature when going on long rides. One of the great benefits of owning an ebike is that it allows you to bike further distances. And since you are going further distances, your legs may not be used to a longer ride. The pedal-assist feature helps you to push through and keep going, so longer rides can become attainable. You are still pedaling and using energy to push yourself forward but getting some help when you feel a bit tired.

electric pedal bike assist on hillsHills

Have you ever taken a ride and had to walk your bike up a hill because it was just too steep? With an electric pedal bike, you can make it up every hill. You still have to exert effort into reaching the top. But when your legs feel like they just can’t keep going, the pedal-assist can help push you through. Riding an electric bike is much heavier than riding a normal bike. So, even if you get some help from the pedal assist, you will still need to push forward in order for the pedal-assist to kick in. Taking a hilly bike ride and pushing through each hill gives you just the same exercise as if you had to stop and walk your bike up some hills.

Gravel Paths

Gravel paths can be harder to pedal on than paved paths. If you are the person who likes to do some off-roading, then you probably know how tired you can get. An electric pedal bike gives you an extra assist when you need to push through the last stretch to get home. Riding over rough terrain takes more energy than paved paths regardless of if you are on an ebike or not.

To sum it all up, an electric pedal bike is there to help you push through your rides, not to make you get less exercise. They help you to ride farther, push harder, and climb higher than using a normal bike. If that doesn’t sound like exercise to you, then I don’t know what is!

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