Why TUOTEG ebikes are Good Starter Electric Bikes

ebikes are good starter bikes

Let’s be real—there are loads of ebikes on the market right now. From different price points to different models, to different capabilities. Right now is the prime time to buy an electric bike. So, what kind should you consider buying?

ebikes CNQR Green CockpitTUOTEG ebikes are Good Starter Electric Bikes

There are many reasons TUOTEG ebikes are a great purchase, especially if you are buying your first ebike. The main reason being they are very simple to operate. Each TUOTEG bike comes with an LCD Display that showcases your speed, assist level, and mileage. This is found on the left-hand side of the electric bike. You press the “Power” button to turn the electric assist on and click the Power button again to turn it back off. Simple as that!

How to Control the Pedal Assist Level

There are two arrows that allow you to click which assist level you would like. The up arrow turns your assist to a higher level, while the down arrow turns your assist to a lower level. So, if you are going for a ride and need some extra power, just click the up arrow. On the right-hand side of your bike, you will find the throttle. This little lever allows you to use just the electric power of the bike without having to pedal. Want to learn more about pedal-assist versus throttle? Check out this website for more information.

Three Riding Options

One of the best aspects about TUOTEG ebikes is that each bike gives you three riding options. You can pedal the bike as a normal bike, pedal and use electric assist, or just use the electric power. This is a great feature of these bikes because it allows you to travel further distances than ever before. Switching between the different modes is extremely easy. If your LCD display is off, then you are using the bike as a normal ebike. When it is on, you are using the electric assist if you are also pedaling. If it is on and you push down on the throttle, then you are using the electric power.

4 Different ebikes models TUOTEGFour Different Bike Models

Another important thing to keep in mind when finding a bike is realizing how you’d like to use it. What we mean by this, is what type of terrain you see yourself riding on. If you are thinking of keeping your rides to paved paths and sidewalks, the TUOTEG Cruiser is the best option! If you are thinking of taking some rides on gravel or dirt paths, the Convert, Explorer, or Conquer would work great.

Again, TUOTEG ebikes are the perfect ebikes if you are looking at buying your first electric bike. They are easy to use, affordable, and provide comfort and control as you ease into your new ebike lifestyle.

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