Happy 4th of July From TUOTEG ebikes!

Cruiser ebikes from TUOTEG

Happy 4th of July everyone! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Our TUOTEG ebikes team put together our favorite places around Red Wing, Minnesota to spend the 4th of July. Come along for the ride and enjoy your weekend!

Memorial Park

One of the best scenic places in Red Wing is at Memorial Park. It not only has disc golf, but it is also the perfect place to ride ebikes, too! With biking and hiking trails, there is something for everyone. It makes the perfect 4th of July hang-out spot with picnic tables and charcoal grills scattered around. You can look out over downtown Red Wing, as this park sits on top of a bluff.

ebike friendly St. James Hotel in Red Wing St. James Hotel

The St. James Hotel is located in downtown Red Wing. It is one of the most popular places to stay. This hotel’s historic feel is like no other. It sits right next to the Mississippi River which gives access to biking trails. It’s the perfect spot for ebikes! It also has a rooftop patio that is perfect for dining outdoors, and to enjoy the sun during 4th of July weekend, too.

Barn Bluff

Barn Bluff is a must-see when in Red Wing, Minnesota. Although it isn’t meant for ebikes, it is the perfect place to take a hike. You can see out over downtown Red Wing as well as over the Mississippi River. The backside of the bluff also houses perfect walls for rock-climbers. So, if you are thinking of spending the 4th rock climbing, this is the place for you!

Ride ebikes in Bay Point Park in Red Wing MNBay Point Park

If you want to take some ebikes for a spin this 4th of July, Bay Point Park is the place to go! It sits right next to the historic Boat House Village on the Mississippi River. It has walking paths, a boat launch, picnic areas, and more. If you have friends or family in town, this is a great place to take them and enjoy the outdoors.

Local Restaurants

There are countless local restaurants… it is too hard for us to pick just one favorite! If you are looking to see out over the Mississippi River, Kelly’s or Bayside is a great option. Or, if you are in the mood for some good barbeque food this 4th of July, Smokin Oak is the place to be.

As you can tell, here at TUOTEG ebikes we take pride in living in Red Wing, Minnesota. For more places to visit and restaurants to eat at, you can visit the official Red Wing website. So, if you are thinking of taking a trip this 4th of July, why not stop by Red Wing?

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