People’s First Reaction Riding an Electric Bike

Two people riding an electric bike

It’s safe to say that one of the greatest aspects of electric bikes are the moments someone tries one for the first time. Riding an electric bike is an experience like no other! It often takes people by surprise. We’ve seen lots of people take a spin on an ebikefor the first time, and here is why we love it so much.

Four people riding an electric bike There is Always a “Whoop!”

Now, this is one of those instances where we say, “if you know, you know.” This yell of excitement happens whenever someone feels the electric assist kick in for the first time. Typically, there is always a type of nervousness when riding an electric bike for the first time. They start to pedal slowly, and then the pedal assist kicks in and glides them forward. It often takes a new rider by surprise, and they let out a little “whoop!” in excitement. After this, all they want to do is try to go faster! It’s one of our favorite experiences here at TUOTEG ebikes. Seeing the smile people get on their faces and their excitement over an electric bike is almost indescribable.

They Want Other People To Try It Too

After someone tries riding an electric bike for the first time, they always want other people to try it, too. You get the usual responses of, “You HAVE to try this!” or “I need to tell my friends about this!” It’s just like every other experience that is new and exciting. They want other people to experience that excitement along with them. So, if you are ever planning on riding an electric bike for the first time, you should bring a friend along, too.

Interested in Trying an Ebike?

We offer test rides at our office in Red Wing, MN! Give us a call and let us know you are interested in riding an electric bike. We will help set up a time for you to stop by. And then we will start getting super excited for you to try out an ebike for the first time, too.

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