Retiring or Retired? Get an Electric in Town Bike!

couple taking photo while on in town bike ride

Electric bikes are on the rise in popularity. They are fun and easy to ride, and you can get places faster than before. We’ve seen a lot of retired couples interested in buying an electric in town bike. So, if you are retiring soon or are retired, here are reasons you would want an ebike!

portable in town bikeTake it on Trips

Nowadays, it seems the thing to do when you retire is to buy a camper and travel around the U.S. Campsites are fun places to stay—and owning an electric bike can make it easier to travel from one place to another. An electric bike can help you to maneuver through crowded areas easier than using a car. And if the campsite is close to a town, you can take your in town bike instead of hauling your car. Our Convert Folding ebike is the perfect electric bike to bring on trips. It can fold up to store it in smaller spaces, which means you don’t have to bring a bike rack.

Get Exercise and Enjoy a New Hobby

Stay active! Ebikes are great for getting outside and enjoying getting exercise. Riding with your significant other or friends can become a new daily hobby. Not only does it give you something to look forward to, but you also know it helps you to stay active. Take your electric in town bike to the store or to a friends house instead of using a car.

in town bike while campingTravel Farther and Ride Longer

Being retired means having more time on your hands. Electric bikes help you to ride farther than you could before. So, spend more time outdoors! Try to find some fun-looking trails around where you live and attempt those longer rides. Getting electric assist from your in town bike also helps to keep pushing you as your legs start to get tired.

Take the Kids Out for a Ride

Let’s face it—kids have endless amounts of energy. Owning an electric in town bike helps you to keep pace with grandkids. You won’t have to worry about them zooming in front of you and losing track of them. It will be YOU that is zooming in front of them!

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