What is the Difference Between Pedal Assist and Throttle on ebikes?

Ebiking with pedal assist and throttle

If you’re looking at buying an electric bike, it’s important to know there are different ways of activating the electric assist. Knowing which type of assist and how each one works will help you make the best decision on your purchase.

What is Throttle Mode?

A good way to think about a throttle is how a motorcycle works. When you engage the throttle, you get pushed forward without having to do any work. This is the same for electric bikes. TUOTEG ebikes have a little lever on the right-side of the handlebar that you can push down on. When you push down, the electric assist kicks in and pushes you forward.

Green CNQR cockpit Difference Between Pedal Assist and ThrottleWhat is Pedal Assist?

Pedal assist gives you a feel of riding a normal bike, but with some assistance. In order to activate the electric assist, you have to actually pedal the bike. Typically, there are multiple pedal assist modes on an ebike. The lower modes give you some help, but you are doing most of the work. A medium mode gives you more help when pedaling, allowing you to ride farther than you’re used to. A high-level mode gives you a lot of electric assist, making for an easy ride. This type of level gets you places the fastest with very little effort.

Torque Sensor Pedal Assist

There are two types of pedal assist. The first one is called “torque sensor pedal assist.” This type of system measures the amount of power you are using to pedal the bike. It will automatically increase or decrease the amount of assist based on your pedaling. So, for instance, if you are pushing hard, the more power it will give the motor. The lighter you pedal, the less power it gives the motor.

Cadence Sensor Pedal Assist

The second type of pedal assist is called the “cadence sensor pedal assist.” This type of assist will not increase or decrease the assist based on the amount of effort you are using. This type of assist correlates only with the level of assist you have selected. You could use a lot or very little force, and the bike will help push you forward with the same effort.

Blue CVRT with pedal assist

Battery Usage

There is a difference between pedal assist and throttle when it comes to battery life. When using a feature such as pedal assist, you will generally get more range out of a single charge since you still have to pedal. If you only use the throttle, you will get a shorter range because you are using up the battery at a faster rate.

What Type of Electric Assist Do TUOTEG ebikes Have?

TUOTEG ebikes use both the throttle and pedal assist with a cadence sensor.

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