Do You Need a Certain Bike Tire for Gravel Paths?

Fat tire electric bike

Tires are one of the most important features of any bike. This means having the right tires for what you plan to use your bike for is essential. They give you confidence and control as you ride over any type of terrain. If you are into off-roading, you may ask yourself if you need a certain bike tire for gravel paths. In short, the answer is yes!

What are fat tiresWhat are Fat Tires?

Fat tires are just as they sound—tires that are wider than “regular” bike tires. These types of tires are typically at least 3 or more inches wide. Our Conquer fat tire electric bike as 4-inch-wide tires. Fat tires have lower tire pressures to allow smooth riding over different types of rough terrain. Examples of rough terrain can be snow, gravel, mud, sand, and more. This type of tire is the perfect bike tire for gravel paths. Wider tires also give you more traction so you can stay in control as you go over obstacles.

are there tires to avoid fat tire ebikeAre There Tires to Avoid When Off-Roading?

This question may be obvious. But the answer is yes! Thin tires such as on our Cruiser electric bike are not ideal for gravel or dirt paths. These types of wheels are made for paved paths or city riding on sidewalks. You’ll find that bikes in races such as the Tour de France also have very narrow tires. Narrow tires take up less space on the road, which in turn creates less friction. Less friction means more speed, which is why you see touring bikes having thin tires.

What Can I Do with a Fat Tire Bike?

Fat tire bikes are on the rise in popularity. This means events have started to pop up that are fat tire specific. A popular form of fat tire event is bike races in the winter. Or, if racing isn’t your style, you can use your fat tire bike for just about anything else. They are the perfect bike tire for gravel paths. From leisure rides to taking the path less traveled, fat tire bikes give you a range of versatility.

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