Memorial Park Bike Trails in Red Wing, Minnesota

Memorial Park Bike Trail sign

If you’re not from Red Wing Minnesota, then you probably don’t know a good place to go for a ride.
Although there is the classic Cannon Valley Trail, we’ve got another personal favorite that we highly recommend. So, if you’re picking up your TUOTEG ebike, or just stopping by, make sure you visit Memorial Park bike trails here in Red Wing!

Where is Memorial Park Located in Red Wing?

Memorial Park Bike Trail frisbee golf

Memorial Park is located right on the edge of downtown Red Wing. The best part about this park is not just its bike trails, but the views you get while biking! This park is located on top of one of the many bluffs here in town. On top of the bluff there are bike trails, picnic areas, disc golf, and more. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon riding! We think it’s the best bike trail in Red Wing, Minnesota because of its easy access to trails and beautiful scenery.

Places to Stop By

Memorial Park Bike Trail Kellys tap house bar

An advantage to the Memorial Park bike trails is that you have easy access to downtown Red Wing. This means a ton of restaurants, shops, and a local bakery. We can’t forget about an ice cream shop, too! Whether you are fueling up before your ride or getting a snack after, there are endless of options for you. Some of our favorites include Liberty’s, Kelly’s, and Staghead.

Things to Do

At Memorial Park, there are plenty of places to stop at along your ride. Whether you are into disc golf, hiking, or exploring, Memorial Park seems to have it all. Also, an easy ride down the bluff brings you close to the Mississippi River. Not only are there more paths for you to bike, but other things to do and see, including a park and the boat houses.

There are many reasons Memorial Park is the best bike trail in Red Wing, Minnesota! So, what are you waiting for?

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