Why You Need an Electric Bike Light to Ride Safely at Night

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With summer rolling around, that means more time spent outdoors and more time riding bikes. Even though it stays lighter out longer, it’s still important to know the ins and outs of nighttime riding. Here are some tips from the Tuoteg Team on how to ride an electric bike safely during the nighttime.

Tip #1: Use an Electric Bike Light

One of the best ways to stay safe while night riding is to use an electric bike light. The good thing is, there are hundreds to choose from. At Tuoteg, we sell a few electric bike lights, this one being one of our favorites. This lights up the front of your bike so others can see you. However, another form of an electric bike light is one you can wear on top of your helmet. This will help add some extra light so other people and vehicles can see you more easily.

bike safety electric bike lightTip #2: Be Reflective

Any form of an electric bike light is good light (except for flashing lights). This means reflective clothing is a must. Not only will it help other cars to see you easier, but it will also allow other bikers to see you easier as well. Any light emission will reflect off you, letting passersby know you are there. Reflectors on your bike itself is also very important. Any chance you get to add an electric bike light or reflective clothing, take it!

Tip #3: Ride With a Buddy

When riding a bike at night, it is important to bring a buddy along for the ride. You know what they say, safety in numbers!! (Just make sure your friend also has an electric bike light, or two, or three).

Tip #4: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

There is only so much illumination an electric bike light can give off. Typically, these types of lights are meant for others to see you, and not for you to see any better. With this being said, traveling at a slower pace to avoid any potholes or other obstacles is a smart idea. Travel as fast as you can see clearly in front of you. Going too fast could cause you to hit something and take a tumble. Be aware of cars, and be aware of other people. It’s always smart to ride defensively (as if another person or car can’t see you). You’ve got to ride safely, especially in the dark.

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