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Ebike Battery Range Anxiety? Here’s Your Treatment!

TUOTEG Green eBike - Battery Range Anxiety Blog

Everything You Should Know: The Ebike Battery Range One of the greatest sources of confusion and consternation with Ebikes—or any light electric vehicle—is determining how far of an Ebike battery range you can get on one charge. Sure, you can pedal any Ebike home without the electronic assist system on, but that’s not why you […]

‘E-BIKE’ Act – Saving Riders 30% Off the Cost of an Electric Bicycle

group of four people riding ebikes on bike trail

 Everything to Know About the ‘E-Bike’ Act Replacing 15% of car trips with ebikes could reduce transportation-based CO2 emissions by 12%, according to an October 2020 study. That significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions provided the impetus behind this new proposition; the Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act.

Show Your Bike Some Love: Three Ebike Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Love-Connection Strong

Woman Smiling Big With eBike In Front of Mountains

Three Tips To Keep Your Ebike Love-Connection Strong In a serious romantic relationship, social norms dictate the celebration of an anniversary (or Valentine’s Day) with a standard menu of gifts and activities: candles, dinner, wine, flowers, chocolate. And these once-annual events are good prompts to celebrate your love. Think of these events like your annual […]

Transporting Your eBike

Electric Bike on Car Rack

Transporting Your eBike – Quickly and Safely! For most folks, they ride their electric bike out of their garage and back again, but to get the most out of your eBike, you might want to go further, taking it along on vacation or seeking out destinations that are a bit further than the typical battery […]

Bike Safety 101: Finding the Right Bike Helmet For You


Finding The Right Bike Helmet for a Safe Ride Riding a bike—especially ones that go extra fast such as eBikes—can be extremely fun, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t wear a helmet. Finding the right bike helmet that is right for you is an important step towards riding safely and avoiding injury. […]

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